Respecting and agreeing to those rules is mandatory to compete on BirdBot. All players are rigorously analysed by undisclosed, statistical, automatic and manual review methods to enforce those rules. Second chances are almost never given to the players that cheat. Cheaters will all be publicly exposed.

- /c : Using /c for the current syllable is allowed when the scores are counted, but only for the first 15 minutes. The /c command is thoroughly protected to prevent cheating for records (listed records, alpha, etc...)

- Scripts: You cannot use any automated scripts to compete on BirdBot. Developers are welcome to experiment with their scripts on BirdBot as long as the scores aren't counted (/train or /mode custom).

- Listing: You are not allowed to use any documents or external resources while your scores are being counted.

- Userscripts / Overlays: You are allowed to use userscripts as long as they are only for visual or practicality purposes, and they don't give any clues or words.

- Alts: You are not allowed to appear multiple times in the leaderboards using different accounts. Accounts will be merged on request if the switch is justified.


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